Boa Boca Gourmet handmade biscuits
Boa Boca Gourmet
Boa Boca Gourmet: a new concept - «Food+Design»

The Portuguese company Boa Boca Gourmet produces handmade biscuits in Alentejo according to old recipes. Made with natural and traditional ingredients by the hands of experienced and talented confectioners that, with all the care and dedication in the world, bake the traditional Alentejo «dry biscuits» for the Portuguese brand. With a smaller shape than is usual in that region, but with the same flavor of old times, the biscuits are made with natural products only, without any colorants or preservatives and are baked in a wood stove.

Before they are introduced into their colorful and stylishly designed tin, which is the product’s trademark, the biscuits are manually wrapped and individually packaged into small bags.

Contains gluten. 

Varieties: Lemon, Cinnamon, Sugar (Areias) and Olive Oil

Dimensions: 75mm x 180mm

The packaging for the entire biscuits range won a Merit Design Award - One Show Design - New York.

The Boa Boca Gourmet project was born at the end of 2004 and, in 2008, with the intention of transforming handcrafted Portuguese products into objects of design, the Portuguese brand's first product is launched. 

They collaborate with small producers where they acquire the old flavors of Portuguese food, always using the country's best and most characteristic ingredients, always of superior quality and prepared the most handmade way possible, always in conformity with quality control and within the legal food parameters (HACCP).

The packaging has a strong, innovative, different design concept which confers a touch of modernity to the products themselves.

Boa Boca Gourmet's brand Feitoàmão is a natural addition to this handmade concept of giving new life to Portuguese flavors, of transforming handcrafted food products into objects of design.

Boa Boca Gourmet has a variety of clients, of all different ages. But, this Portuguese brand's client is, above all, a well informed person who loves to appreciate the good things in life.

Public recognition is always gratifying. Boa Boca Gourmet has already received various distinctions: Red Dot Design Award (2008 and 2009); One Show Design - Merit Award; Communication Arts; Mercúrio Award - The Best of Commerce; and the Sena da Silva Award - Centro Português de Design (Portuguese Centre for Design).

Already present in countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Angola and Holland, Boa Boca Gourmet has contributed to the strengthening of Portugal's image and cultural identity in the world. The company was present at Portugal Brands in Milan and London, at the Sisab in Lisbon and at Experimenta Design Lisbon.

For everyone who is in love with this Portuguese brand, all we can say is that new things are on their way but, for now... they are still a secret!

Technical Information

Company: Boa Boca Gourmet
Address: Largo da Porta de Moura, n.º 25, 7000-890 Évora
Telephone: 266 704 632
Owners: António João Policarpo and Inês Varejão
Founded in: 2004