Cherry Core Pillow - There are things that are not seen... but felt
There are things that are not seen... but felt

Up until a couple of years ago, the utility of cherry cores was unknown. Today, the Cherry Core Pillow is an innovative alternative to the traditional hot water bottle. The Cherry Core Pillow is a Portuguese, recyclable, 100% natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic product. This pillow is made with cotton fabric and approximately 1500 cherry cores.

The product, which is very comfortable and easy to use, has another peculiarity: each pillow is handmade by men and woman doing time in Portuguese prisons.

Pillow (25 x 14,5 cm), composed of cotton fabric and cherry cores (approximately 1500 cherry cores or 350 grams).

In order to discover the benefits of this unique pillow, it should first be warmed up in the microwave. Seeing as there are microwaves with different levels of potency, be sure that the pillow is never heated more than a minute at 850W. Remember, this is a natural product, so if it is overheated it may burn.

In order for the cherry cores to reacquire the necessary humidity, it is recommended that the Pillow be washed from time to time. It may be hand washed or placed in the washing machine (maximum 30ºC). The Pillow adapts to any part of the body and may also be applied wet: place the pillow in water, take it out and let the excess water drip; then place it in the microwave for one minute, no hotter than 850W to obtain humid warmth.

Practical and very easy to use, the Cherry Core Pillow is recommended for all ages. Ideal for muscular relaxation, massages and all types of pain that can be treated with thermotherapy, such as: neck or back pain, menstrual pain, menopause, osteoporosis, breastfeeding related pain, etc. This pillow is very comforting to use and produces an extremely relaxing sound.

The temperature of the Pillow should always be tested before being used on babies in order to alleviate colic or simply warm the baby up. Due to its simple utilization, it is also recommended for the elderly. is a Portuguese brand, created with Portuguese spirit in order to offer the best of the Portuguese way of life.

A Portuguese brand that shows us how history is made...

Born in 2008, its foundation is the mass production of handcrafted, ecological and traditional products, all made in Portugal.
Like children, it is a curious brand that seeks new experiences, personal wellbeing, the pleasure of living and the joy of being alive, the wonderful feeling of being part of an all, of altruism, compassion and knowing how to be welcoming. It has nature as its reference and new technologies as its strategy.

Thanks to its open mind, wants to observe reality through another prism and think up new solutions for old concepts, with the hopes of rediscovering solutions that have been forgotten with time.

In an interview with Saudade, José Miguel Pessoa de Amorim, or Zé Miguel as he likes to be called, tells us that's philosophy is the search for practical and honest solutions. It is in knowing that its clients are going to enjoy the product and that the products will sell themselves without any need for special sales pitches.

For now, is a single member company that uses resources that are available to everyone in order to maximize its performance, always preferring direct and personal contacts.

In his own words, Zé Miguel tells us that all his products must be of true excellence. Right now, has one product - the Cherry Core Pillow - but has plans for many other products which will be just as successful or even more so.

According to Zé Miguel, the success of the brand falls on two key ingredients: the quality of the product and the personalized service.

With a small past and a great future, stands out in the present

From Portugal to the world, exports to any place on the planet. Right now, Germany is the country most receptive to this very Portuguese brand.

We also wanted to know what the company's plans were for the future, but Zé Miguel wants to keep those a secret. What he did reveal was that is going to be very big, it's only a matter of time...

We're also sure of that and as true Portuguese people, we're very curious about what will happen next...

Technical Information

Address: Oeiras
Telephone: 917 169 813
Owners: José Miguel Pessoa de Amorim
Employees: 1
Founded in: 2008