Chocolate with Port Wine
Arcádia: a delicious tradition

The Portuguese brands Arcádia and Calém got together and gave proof of their pioneer spirit, joining the perfection of Port Wine with the excellence of chocolate in a one-of-a-kind product. Shared entrepreneurial motivations and competences led these brands to the realization of this innovative project.

Consequently, and because both brand names present a strong connection to the city of Oporto, who is also intimately connected to the undeniable history of Port Wine, this partnership arose from the constant need to answer the demands of the most exigent, attentive and selective consumers, in a market that is more and more competitive.

Delight yourself and enjoy this perfect marriage: the best Chocolate and the best Port Wine.

The Portuguese company Arcádia was founded in 1933 by the grandfather of one of the current administrators. At that time, the inauguration of the Confeitaria Arcádia (Arcádia Confectionery), on the Praça da Liberdade, was a very important event in the Oporto society and immediately became a reference in the city of Oporto as a meeting place for the city's upper class.

Between 1950 and 1974, Arcádia stood out as a leading company in the organization of events in the city of Oporto - banquets, receptions and weddings. Over 78 years of existence, the Portuguese brand worked hard to maintain the status of excellence it had so carefully built, making sure that its clients continued to associate the name Arcádia with superior quality.

The year 2000 is highlighted by the closure of the Confeitaria Arcádia on the Praça da Liberdade. The emergence of new centers in the city of Oporto (Boavista and Antas) and new forms of modern commerce (supermarkets and shopping centers) contributed to the decline of the old establishment located on the Praça da Liberdade. At that time, a new store was opened on the Rua do Almada, where the factories are located, in order to sell their famous chocolates and almonds.

A year later, after the death of João Bastos, his children, Margarida and João, the founder's grandchildren and current administrators, assume control of the company.

The most recent years are marked by the opening of stores in shopping centers, which are adapted to the new and emerging reality and where Arcádia has broadened its concept to also include a coffee shop - «Lojas Arcádia - Casa do Chocolate» (Arcádia Shops - House of Chocolate): the first one in the NorteShopping center, followed by Dolce Vita Porto, GaiaShopping, MarShopping, Dolce Vita Tejo, as well as a space at the Leitura bookstore in the C.C. Cidade do Porto shopping center. In 2007, Arcádia opens, once again, a street store in the city of Oporto, more precisely on the Avenida da Boavista.

In December 2010, Arcádia inaugurates its first street store in Lisbon, on the Avenida de Roma. The new street store is a huge success, so much so that the Portuguese brand wants to open new stores in other strategic places in Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais.

The Portuguese company Arcádia declares itself as being a handmade confectionery factory, maintaining all old recipes in its production processes, all of which are of a highly handcrafted nature. In the confection of its chocolates and almonds, only high quality, colorant and preservative free materials are used. The Bonjour liquor drops continue to be individually hand-ornamented and hand-painted.

The Portuguese brand Arcádia is a national reference for the handmade chocolate market with its own recipes and personalized customer service, which wins over more and more consumers with its new products. The Portuguese company's production is almost entirely consumed within the national market and, although some products are exported, they have little expression in the final sales volume.

Arcádia has consistently tried to innovate, launching new products and new flavors. More recently, it presented new packaging - a heart collection that coincided with Valentine's Day. Coming soon are the chocolates with whiskey, a partnership with The Balvenie, a reference brand name in the high quality malt whiskey market.

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Technical Information

Company: Confeitarias Arca e Arcádia, S.A.
Address: Rua do Almada, n.º 63 - 4050-036 Porto
Telephone: 22 2001518
Owners: Dra. Margarida Bastos and Dr. João Bastos
Founded in: 1933