Diamond Sideboard
Boca do Lobo
Diamond Sideboard: the jewel in the crown
Boca do Lobo: a unique emotional experience, a feeling of belonging, a spiritual state

Projected to be the jewel in the crown of the Portuguese brand Boca do Lobo, the Diamond Sideboard is a reflection of the furniture jeweler’s expertise and undoubtedly deserves that title. This opulent object, full of resources and desire, has two carefully sculpted doors that reveal a gold lined interior with shelves and two drawers. This piece is inspired by the gothic furniture of the romantic period, with its capacity to take advantage of the power of imagination, prevision and escape, without forgetting its strong style.

«Boca do Lobo Exclusive Design and Limited Edition Large Emotion are names that practically say it all. It’s great to get away from our little corner and watch the surprised faces of those who walk by our pieces, the compliments, the photographs to use as wallpaper on their cell phone and preserve, this way, one of our pieces for a little longer, and sometimes, even a sort of hysteria when someone sees and touches one of our pieces.»

Ana Gomes (Client and Press Relations)

This singular piece is covered by a silver sheet, topped off with a luxurious coat of translucent varnish. Sculpted in mahogany, with a gold sheet finish and lion shaped «paws» make this a very extravagant sideboard, from head to toe.


Width: 180 cm

Depth: 60 cm

Height: 83 cm

Boca do Lobo was born from an enormous passion for design and an extreme love for all the wonderful things made in Portugal. In 2005, two years after the creation of Menina Design, the Portuguese company decides to create an international project, in order to put the company and Portuguese design on the map.

Boca do Lobo carries this responsibility and believes it is making history by inspiring other designers, inspiring the Portuguese furniture culture, and convincing our businessmen that investing in design and in brand names is worth it.

Created with the intention of bringing excellence to furniture design, Boca do Lobo has been working since 2005 to share the best that Portugal has to offer: the knowledge of its people as creators of furniture, the tradition of working with noble materials (such as wood), the know-how, experience, love and dedication with which craftsmen and carpenters devote themselves to their art. All the above mentioned aspects, together with the design that is inherent to Boca do Lobo, are the mission of this Portuguese brand.

Menina Design Group: an ambitious project directed to the elevation of Portuguese design in the world

It all began with Menina Design Interiors, created in 2003 with the purpose of offering a flexible and personalized service, oriented by concept, defined by a business strategy and image. They quickly realized that it would be with the development of products such as Boca do Lobo (2005) and Delightfull (2007) that they would conquer the world. In 2005, they also created Preggo, a brand within the company that is responsible for prototypes and production.

With these brand name products, they reached excellent positioning in the international market in a very short time period. But, the ambition to obtain an even better position, led them to create PortugalBrands, a brand that brings together a series of services and that was born to strengthen and add notoriety to the existing Portuguese brands.

Clubelux.pt was born to revolutionize the luxury culture in Portugal. With their blog, they aim to create moments where luxury can be understood as a culture and a ritual.

Design Gallerist is an exclusive commercial website for exclusive and completely irresistible products.

Lastly, the Fundação do Design (Design Foundation), the Menina Design Group's most recent project and, according to Amândio Pereira, the company's CEO, the highlight of his career.

Menina Design Interiores, Preggo, Boca do Lobo, Delightfull, PortugalBrands, Clubelux.pt, Design Gallerist and Fundação do Design, are the group's ambitious projects and what makes Menina Design a company that lives at a dazzling rhythm and that once experienced is very hard to forget.

Boca do Lobo: passion for design 

Boca do Lobo has a design studio (Boca do Lobo Studio) comprised by a group of five designers who are responsible for the entire process, starting with the research of top trends up until the prototype. The studio is managed by the designer Marco Costa and followed closely by the obsession, rigor and excellence of Amândio Pereira.  

The Boca do Lobo client is passionate about design, luxury, travel, discovering cultures and appreciates the best that each one of those cultures has to offer. He loves art, movies, books, wine and all the other pleasures in life. He simultaneously adores pieces from an antique shop, as well as brand name and technological products.

Boca do Lobo brings us memories from times past, reinterpreted for today. It is an exclusive brand with a highly innovative product in what concerns the reinterpretation of handmade art and contemporary design.

Boca do Lobo is internationally renowned as a prestigious, design, quality and artistic brand. It is positioned as a brand that is able to express and cause emotion through their furniture.

About 80% of Boca do Lobo's feedback comes from exportation and markets such as England, France, Spain, Russia, Greece, United States, United Arabs Emirate, India, among others, are avid consumers of Boca do Lobo pieces.

Boca do Lobo is the brand that takes and elevates Portuguese design, art, tradition and handcraft to the world.

They have an active and important role in what concerns the Portuguese image and identity. Although they are present in the international market, they never hide their roots: and the image that remains is that of a country that knows how to make unique design and pieces, with quality materials and handcrafted work that is hard to find.

Another of Boca do Lobo's goals is to keep our culture alive and not let important things like the art of sculpting wood and other materials get lost. More precisely, the know-how of craftsmen who were forgotten with the passing of time and whose art form was devalued. For Boca do Lobo, it is essential that Portugal does not lose its cultural identity and, above all, that it is able to give it new interpretations, so as to continue to show the world the best we have to offer.

A Portuguese company whose eyes are on the future

PortugalBrands is an important project within the Menina Design holding. It is the project which has taken other brands of national value to international stages such as Design Events.

The next ambitious project that PortugalBrands has in mind is called PortugalBrands.com and plans to be the largest Portuguese design showroom in the world, online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service will allow national brands to be present where all the internationally renowned brands already are, something that will bring them greater visibility and competitiveness - another huge step for Portuguese Design.

Fundação do Design, Menina Design Group's most recent project, is the highlight of Amândio Pereira's career. Although embryonic, the main goal behind Fundação do Design is to connect young talents in everything from design to marketing and industry and help them start their own businesses. There is immense talent in Portugal and that talent is necessary for the country's PME'S (Small and Medium-sized Companies). Fundação do Design's mission is to prepare these young people for the reality of the job market in their areas, make industrials and businessmen aware of the importance of their company's design, marketing and brand name.

Menina Design Group's mission is clear: elevate Portuguese Design in the world!

Technical Information

Company: Boca do Lobo
Address: Travessa Marques de Sá, n.º 68, 4435-324 Rio Tinto
Telephone: 224 881 669
Founded in: 2005
Site: www.bocadolobo.com