Ginja M.S.R.
Licor de Ginja M.S.R.
The best because it is made with the fruit's essence

The Ginja M.S.R. produced by the Portuguese company David Pinto & Companhia, Lda., presents an intense sour cherry aroma and flavor, ruby color and velvety touch. This sour cherry liqueur can be enjoyed at any time, but as an after-dinner drink its digestive qualities are enhanced.

The Ginja M.S.R. liqueur comes in 0,5 liter and 0,04 liter (miniature) glass bottles.

How to savor it

Simple, in a sherry glass or brandy snifter, as an appetizer or digestive.

It is excellent for cocktails or as a cooking ingredient.

It should be consumed at a temperature of 15ºC to 18ºC, but during the hot weather, drinking it cold is recommended.

Preservation conditions and expiration date

This product does not have an expiration date. The bottles should be preserved in the vertical position, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Because it is a natural product, deposit may form.

Color: Ruby, with brownish nuances

Clarity: Clear

Aroma: Sour cherry, with age some evolution is noted. Complex aroma composed of vanilla, dried fruit and spices, with a hint of caramel.

Flavor: Sour cherry, sweetish and alcoholic, good fresh acidity, presence of phenolics with light bitterness, good evolution of the aromas, good complexity, a touch of wood and cinnamon, a lot of structure, balanced, with a great lingering finish.

Ingredients: Sour cherry, alcohol, water and sugar.

Alcohol by volume: 20% volume at 20ºC.

Total acidity: 5,8gr./L

pH: 3,8

The Ginja M.S.R. liqueur was born in Alcobaça in the 20th century, during the 1920s, by the hands of Manuel de Souza Ribeiro, a reputable enologist at the time - the brand name and exclusive bottle model were registered in 1930. Manuel de Souza Ribeiro recreated a Ginja Liqueur of undisputable quality that brings together the knowledge and ancestral tradition of the Cister Monks from the Santa Maria de Alcobaça Monastery (also World Heritage) and the exceptional quality of local fruit.

In the 1930s, David Pinto, a bookkeeper at the Raposo Magalhães Agriculture House where Manuel de Souza Ribeiro also worked, noticed the quality of the Ginja Liqueur produced by his colleague, bought the original formula and began his own business.

Today, David Pinto & Companhia, Lda. is a small family company that belongs to 5 siblings, although only two (Vasco Couceiro Gomes and Mário João Gomes) of them are in charge of this and other family businesses. The other siblings have their own professions: Nélia Gomes (Lawyer), Guilherme Gomes (Engineer) and Rúben Gomes (Actor).

Vasco Couceiro Gomes and Mário João Gomes both enjoyed Alcobaça Ginja M.S.R. Liqueur so much so that when they noted the brand's progressive aging and the lack of successors for the old owners, they were able to buy the company and respective formula in 1998, and thus prevented the disappearance of Alcobaça Ginja M.S.R. Liqueur.

Since then, the company has been the target of large investments in its recuperation, namely the modernization of the cellar and the development of a sour cherry orchard with a unique variety of the fruit - Folha-no-Pé -, which is also a pioneer project in Portugal, seeing as it was in the process of extinction, due to the progressive abandonment of farming fields and by the massive importation of other varieties of sour cherry from abroad.

The West's most well kept secret

The Ginja M.S.R. liqueur is produced in Alcobaça, according to a traditional process and made exclusively with fresh sour cherries of superior quality, namely from the local variety Folha-no-Pé, which is one-of-a-kind in the entire world. The sour cherries are handpicked in Portugal's western region, where there are unique edaphoclimatic conditions, characterized by a temperate and humid climate that is influenced by the ocean's proximity. After the harvest, the fruits, together with the alcohol, are placed in French oak wood barrels where they remain during a long period of time. The process is completely natural, without any artificial colorants or preservatives. The annual production is limited to the quantity of fruit available each year.

The Portuguese company has its own sour cherry orchard and cultivates the fruit according to the integrated production farming system and is the only sour cherry orchard in Portugal that possesses this certification, which simultaneously contributes to the preservation of the environment and the quality of the sour cherries.

The Ginja M.S.R. client is Portuguese, male and female, over 40 years old, members of the middle-upper classes and, in its majority, residents of the districts of Leiria and Lisbon.
During many years, before the company had its own orchard, the Ginja M.S.R. liqueur was sold rationed because of, on the one hand, its reduced production; and on the other, because of the excess demand, which prevented its expansion and promotion in other markets, namely with the younger public.

The international market is, since the beginning of this product's «second life», a main goal and the first steps were taken in 2010. The Portuguese brand is aiming for market niches such as superior quality gourmet products, seeing as they aren't planning massive production of this product, mainly because even though its production has been growing over the years, it is still limited.

Working with a traditional and typical Portuguese product, the company David Pinto & Companhia, Lda. plans to reinforce those unique and exclusive characteristics in Portugal namely the sour cherry variety Folha-no-Pé, which is exclusive in Portugal (high acidity, high sugar and a peculiar cinnamon flavor), the one-of-a-kind cork and bottle that is handmade by the Atlantis workers in Alcobaça - and they make a point of highlighting «Made in Alcobaça - Portugal».

Bottle design and creation 

The bottle was a created by Carlos Campeão, a pharmacist from Alcobaça, who designed and used the first model in a company called Carlos Campeão, Lda., owner of Licores de Cister (Cister Liqueurs), and where he was an associate.

In an advertisement published in the Semana Alcobacense newspaper in October 1915, a very similar bottle can be seen. During the 1920s, Manuel de Souza Ribeiro acquired the rights to use this model and registered it in 1930 using the argument, a very innovative one for the time, that the bottles were cone-shaped.

The use of this specific type of bottle was purposeful, seeing as Manuel de Souza Ribeiro wanted a bottle that would allow the deposit that forms over time (especially useful for those who save bottles for many years) to stay at the bottom. The fact that the bottle must be stored vertically prevents the liquid from coming into contact with the cork - something to avoid, seeing as the liqueur's natural acidity will progressively corrode and destroy the cork.

Ginja M.S.R: genuinity and quality

In the national market it is easy to find products called «ginja» or «ginjinha» which are made exclusively with artificial colorants, some of which even present the entire fruit inside the bottle, which is then used for decorative purposes only.

Ginja M.S.R. guarantees a product that is 100% natural and 100% Portuguese.

You can find this delicious nectar of the gods in wineries, traditional marketplaces, gourmet shops, regional products shops, in hotels and restaurants, but not in large supermarkets.

Now and in the future, the Portuguese company David Pinto & Companhia, Lda., guarantees the quality of Ginja M.S.R. Liqueur, the rigor in the application of the original production formula, the preservation of the environment, the exclusive use of Portuguese products and raw materials.

Technical Information

Company: David Pinto & Companhia, Lda.
Address: Estrada Nacional 8 - Apartado 9 Ponte do Jardim, 2461- 601 Alcobaça
Telephone: 262 598 268
Owners: Vasco Couceiro Gomes and Mário João Gomes
Founded in: 1940