Leite de Colónia Perfumed Soap
Leite de Colónia
Enhancing beauty since 1960

The Perfumed Soap by the Portuguese brand Leite de Colónia has the same fragrance and freshness as the Facial Tonic, also from this collection. The soap is comprised of ingredients of vegetal origin, which are processed according to the cosmetic industry’s top techniques. Although produced with traditional methods, it also counts on the technological developments of current cosmetic materials, however, without ever compromising the most rigorous quality criteria.

«Up until today there has not been invented anything better to clean and tone the skin.»

- (João Moura - Executive Manager)

Founded in 1960, the Portuguese brand Leite de Colónia continues very modern because, according to João Moura,the brand's executive manager, up until today there has not been invented anything better to clean and tone the skin.

«Portugal is currently living a moment of revivalism in what concerns brand names and Leite de Colónia is one of them. It is a brand that is part of the past that marked an era, habits and processes. All this is of great value and it is very important that these icons, which are a part of a culture, do not disappear.»
(João Moura - Executive Manager)

The Leite de Colónia products are positioned as high quality cosmetic products. As a result of customers' growing demand, the Portuguese company began to develop an extension of the Leite de Colónia collection. Sold in pharmacies, besides the Facial Tonic, you may also find 10 new products, where the unifying factor in all of them is the Leite de Colónia fragrance: hand cream, foot cream, soap, body lotion, bath gel, shampoo, makeup remover, lip balm, alcohol free facial tonic, rose water and roll-on deodorant.

Leite de Colónia is a brand whose formula was created over 100 years ago by Dr. Arthur Studart. At that time, and due to its formula, the facial tonic was already announcing important properties in skin treatment, namely acne and zits, among others.

Its jingle, sung in Brazilian, was very catchy and included its celebrated slogan «Leite de Colónia: to enhance beauty»; and that is how it's been for more than 100 years: Leite de Colónia has been enhancing the natural beauty of all Portuguese women for over a century.

It was in 2009 that INVESTIS-SGPS, a group that detains shares in important companies such as GENERIS and WYNN Industrial Pharma, decides to buy the brand name Leite de Colónia.

At that time, the packaging underwent some restyling and the cap was adapted so as to dose out the liquid and avoid unnecessary waste. INVESTIS-SGPS continued to increase and adapt the company's portfolio to the reality of our times and right from the moment the deal was closed, its team began developing new products, all of them infused with the unforgettable Leite de Colónia perfume.

Currently, and in addition to the facial tonic, the Portuguese brand offers a collection of «promotional packs» as well as a series of hotel miniatures.

«Because the brand was growing old with the passage of time, but its potential was still huge, we decided to buy the brand and revitalize it; transforming this Portuguese brand into a «chic revivalist» brand with a variety of high quality products.»
(João Moura - Executive Manager)

Tradition and Innovation

The Leite de Colónia name was lost somewhere in between neighborhood drugstores and small local shops, with no defined product positioning. The Leite de Colónia of today has very little to do with its antecessor. Besides its revitalization process before the relaunch of Leite de Colónia, the brand's concept and market positioning was also redefined. The base of its formula remained unaltered, except for some fine tuning and, in terms of visual image, cornucopias were added and are, without a doubt, representative of the revivalism trend.
The expansion of the range of products is another factor worth noting, seeing as it was broadened in order to satisfy the growing demands of a more and more exigent market. The brand was positioned as a chic revivalist cosmetic product of the highest quality - and the reason why it can be found in very specific shops, such as pharmacies and drugstores.

The Leite de Colónia client is the entire female population, from teenage girls to their grandmothers, simply because the history of this Portuguese brand began with a beauty tonic that revitalized and toned the skin. Now, there are more than 10 products with the same mission: «enhance beauty». With the expansion of the product range, the male population also became a Leite de Colónia client.

A revivalist brand with spontaneous notoriety

The secret to the success of this Portuguese brand is definitely the magnificent galenic formula that was so expertly designed by Dr. Studart, as well as its notoriety which is, without a doubt, fantastic.

Notoriety is one of Leite de Colónia's strong points and is definitely related to the unforgettable jingle sung with a Brazilian accent...

Everyone knows the jingle  and after hearing it, no one can get it out of their heads or even stop singing it! The levels of spontaneous notoriety for Leite de Colónia are well above 35%, which is probably one of the brand's greatest assets.

Its formula remains a secret until today and has thrived from generation to generation. That's why they say that there hasn't been invented anything better than Leite de Colónia to clean the skin.

And precisely because nothing better has yet been invented, the Portuguese company Leite de Colónia S.A. has vowed to develop, using this magic formula, a range of superior quality products, based on the brand's characteristic aroma, in order to enhance the beauty of the Portuguese woman even more.

Today we are experiencing at a global scale, a trend that takes us back to the brand names that were successful in the past. Their properties are foolproof and the Leite de Colónia fragrance is unique and unmistakable. Leite de Colónia also stands out because it is 100% made in Portugal and its quality is at the level of any of the best and most renowned brands in the world, which means we are before a unique example of cosmetics in Portugal.

«The brand promises to launch something new very soon, in order to enhance the beauty of all Portuguese women once again.»

(João Pedro Paiva dos Santos - The Company's Administrator)

Technical Information

Company: Leite de Colónia, SA
Address: Avenida Tomás Ribeiro, 43, Edifí­cio Neopark, Fracção 0B, 2790-221 Carnaxide
Telephone: 213 861 501
Owners: Dr. João Pedro Paiva dos Santos
Founded in: 1960
Site: www.leitedecolonia.com