Musgo Real Collection
Claus Porto
Ach. Brito: Where the past smells like soap

Created by the Portuguese brand Claus Porto in 1920, the Musgo Real collection has adapted itself, over the years, to men's new demands, presenting them with a range of original and intense products.

This line offers products that are especially creamy and enjoyable, where the natural aromas of Vetiver and Eucalyptus, with a strong Patchouli note, stand out. 

With revitalizing characteristics, this line is enriched with Lanolin, Glycerin, Karité Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

Produced manually, with original packaging and labels, the Musgo Real collection maintains its own identity.

This line offers a variety of products: from delicious soaps and refreshing colognes, to the very practical shaving cream.

Nothing can be missing, so that you may feel revitalized!

To speak of Ach. Brito is to speak of one of the most important and innovative companies and genuine Portuguese brands. A historical company and brand name where tradition and new technologies go hand in hand.

The history of Ach. Brito: A perfumed trip in time

Born in Oporto in 1887, the first national soap and perfume factory was the work of two Germans living in Portugal: Ferdinand Claus and George Ph. Schweder.
Ach. Brito was born in the year 1918 but when Germany joined the First World War, the two partners were forced to flee, which led to the company’s closure.

Achilles de Brito, Claus & Schweder’s Portuguese partner, and his brother Affonso, founded a new company, Ach. Brito & Co. Lda. At that time, the new company was already known for its unique packaging and for its innovative and valuable products.

Travelling through time...

During the 1940s and 1950s, Ach. Brito obtains the leadership of the national market. In terms of exportation, England and the United States of America were its main markets. Always concerned with their clients’ loyalty, the Portuguese company was committed to aromas and textures, as well as to the image and price of its products. In the year 1953, Ach. Brito launches its own lithography, where all their labels were hand painted.

In the 1990s, as the result of a partnership with its American agent Lafco, Ach. Brito begins to design a line of gift products which it commercializes through the Claus Porto brand in the USA, Canada and England. The successful partnership with the north-american retailer Lafco, in a time when Ach. Brito was having some difficulties, resulted in a new life for the Portuguese company. Its vintage design and unique products opened the doors for the Portuguese brand to enter into the United States of America’s luxury market.

It is at that time that the Claus Porto brand begins to target its collections of superior luxury products to the overseas market, and that the institutional brand Ach. Brito is used to promote the brands that are targeted at the Portuguese mass market.

The success of Claus Porto is the result of a production that follows traditional processes, completely handmade, developing ranges with great added value. Fruit of this entire process are the birth of true works of art, whose retro design and packaging, inspired by Art Deco, reproduce Ach. Brito’s entire history which is, without a doubt, its greatest value.

«About eight years ago it would be practically unthinkable that sodium soap could be trendy.»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

The market trends dictated thatsodium soap was old-fashioned. But the fact that this was a high quality and natural product, with less chemicals and more traditional, ended up making this dream come true.

Ach. Brito was not only able to make this soap fashionable but was also able to, due to this wild success, acquire on the last day of the year 2008 the Confiança company, its competitor for over 100 years.

«Within the soap and perfume market, everything that is true, vintage, genuine and authentic in Portugal is concentrated at Ach. Brito.»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

Perfect marriage: tradition and technology

When visiting the company’s installations, it is possible to take a trip back in time, observe photographs of workers from the olden days, where the means of transportation from that era - ox carts - are also visible. On the other hand, it is also possible to see honorable mentions and old medals that came from around the world. The company’s internationalization happened a long time ago.

«When the product is seen abroad, it is associated to Portugal; they are Portugal’s ambassadors overseas.»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

In a company where tradition and new technologies go hand in hand, there also exists the usual computing, production and quality departments that sharply contrast with the antique equipment that was recuperated and now serves the production lines.

The products with added value, such as those from the Claus Porto brand, complete their manufacture with embossment where, according to handcrafted processes, each soap is individually hand embossed. 

«We don’t sell products, we sell emotions, not even the most distracted person could ever think that a machine makes these soaps.»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

Ach. Brito is present in various market sectors: from mass market, with products that are easily found at any supermarket; to up market, where you’ll find the products with added value.

When visiting the company, it is possible to see the entire chain of handcrafted production. It is possible to see soap being hand wrapped by employees (many of which have been working there for 30 or more years) in different colored paper boxes - a romantic image that if not witnessed, would never be a part of our imagination.

«The same company makes a variety of products. Our doors are open for everyone to see, it is impossible to transport to the product Ach. Brito’s genuinity. There are things that are simply impossible to copy...»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

Over the years, the Portuguese company witnessed the changes of a market that is stronger and more competitive than ever, adapted itself to the changes in consumer’s demands. Nowadays, we can find their products in supermarkets, large department stores, retailers, cash & carry, as well as in traditional shops.

An extraordinary example of what Portugal can do best!

Technical Information

Company: Ach. Brito & Ca., S.A.
Address: Rua de Castelões Sul, n.º 346 4485-103 Fajozes PORTUGAL
Telephone: 229 289 821/2
Owners: Ach. Brito & Ca., S.A.
Founded in: 1887