Portugal Collection
Soap and Perfume makers since 1894

The collection of soaps Portugal - Notes from Portugal was developed by the Portuguese brand Confiança, in partnership with Artlusa, and presents the perfect marriage between the singularity and tradition of 100% natural soaps and Artlusa's most innovative design.

This collection of 4 exclusive soaps recreates some of the most famous Portuguese symbols: Filigree, Fado (typical music genre), Galo de Barcelos (Barcelos Rooster) and Bordados de Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo Embroidery).

With filigree itself imprinted on the package, this soap transmits the typical floral aromas of summer, a time of the year that is highlighted by popular Portuguese festivities.

Dressed in black, the collection's more masculine soap presents a musky fragrance.

Barcelos Rooster
Representing the Barcelos Rooster, an icon of Portuguese culture, this soap has a cheerful package and a traditional lavender perfume.

Viana do Castelo Embroidery
Inspired by the traditional Viana do Castelo embroideries, this soap carries the soft aroma of white tea.

The centenary company Confiança Saboaria e Perfumaria, recently acquired by Ach. Brito, has the year 1894 as the date of its foundation. Founded by Silva Almeida and Santos Pereira, in the city of Braga, in northern Portugal, the company represents an example of excellence in the sector.

Confiança - Knowlegde that is passed between generations

According to José Fernandes, the company’s General Director, the image of Confiança Saboaria e Perfumaria will always be associated to the superior quality soap that is still produced today. This product is renowned for its envious natural characteristics and the fact that it is chemical-free.

At the date of its foundation, the Portuguese company had as its main markets, the domestic market and Ultramar (Portugal’s former colonies), at a time when cosmetic and perfume products mainly came from abroad. 

With the intent of inverting this situation, in 1910 Confiança launches high quality products in the market. During an expansion period, a direct result of the First World War, Confiança presents itself to the market with its own brand names. With the original formulas improved and enveloped by innovative design, these products took the market by storm at the time.

The strong growth period lived by the Portuguese company was so great that it included a typography and a cardboard factory where all of Confiança’s packaging - their trademark - was produced.

In the year 1919, the range of Confiança products expands to include thin, perfumed and transparent soaps; cosmetic powder; cologne; medicinal soaps; extra-fine extracts and oils that came from the Portuguese colonies of the time.

With a strong presence in continental Portugal and its islands, Confiança is able to produce approximately 150 distinct brand names of soap, cosmetic powder, creams, toothpaste, shaving sticks, colognes, lotions and essential oils.

The alteration of the market’s needs in the 1980s led the Portuguese company to try and satisfy the demand for perfumed bath gel and shampoos.

More than two decades later, and after a difficult financial period, the Portuguese company is able to obtain the certification that authenticates its products and production methods.

On December 31st, 2008 the company is acquired by Ach. Brito, its competitor for over 100 years.

«We didn’t buy Confiança to eliminate a competitor, but to add to our portfolio another brand full of history and prestige.»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

A historical brand that is looking towards the future

Maintaining the pillars of innovation and quality that characterize Confiança so well, the company now targets the improvement of existing products, namely in terms of packaging and offer. It is also concentrated on the creation of new products, maintaining itself always loyal to the legacy that was left and using the traditional methods that were passed on from generation to generation.

«Within the soap and perfume market, everything that is true, vintage, genuine and authentic in Portugal is concentrated at Ach. Brito.»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

The Art Nouveau and Art Deco artistic legacy, so typical of the 1920s, is still very present in Confiança’s classical products, which express an inimitable charm.

Confiança preserves an art that was passed between generations, which means it also conserves the essence of genuine and exceptional products that seduce all senses.

Many of Confiança’s soaps’ last stage in the production process is embossment, where each soap is individually hand embossed. 

«We don’t sell products, we sell emotions, not even the most distracted person could ever think that a machine makes these soaps.»
(José Fernandes - General Director)

Each and every one of these soap boxes stores delicious experiences, ready to be discovered and felt...

Technical Information

Company: Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança, S.A.
Address: Lugar do Vontigo Lote 1-1A - Zona Industrial Sobreposta Apartado 1085 - Este S. Mamede 4715-515 Braga
Telephone: 229 289 821/2
Founded in: 1894
Site: www.confiancasoaps.com