Red Pepper Jam
Jose Gourmet: Take Away Portugal

The Portuguese company Jose Gourmet started selling jams for hotel breakfasts – today, nobody is indifferent to this jam, not to its packaging, not to its flavor.
The distinct Red Pepper Jam is surprising, in its taste and in its aroma.
The search for the ideal partner in the kitchen makes savoring this product a discovery without equal.


72% pepper

18% sugar

10% vinegar

The Portuguese company Jose Gourmet is a young company with a flexible and ambitious business plan – they believe that national products have great potential in terms of differentiation and valorization in different market niches.

The Jose Gourmet brand plans to contribute to the increase in national producer’s self-confidence, as well as take advantage of the quality and potential of Portuguese products.

It plans to promote the improvement of national products, inspired by tradition and by encouraging innovation. One of its goals is to add value to Portuguese products and practice a fair trade policy with the producers. In this sense, they choose quality handcrafted products that have difficulty in accessing the national and international markets, preferably those with great consumer potential.

For Pedro Casal Ribeiro, one of the Jose Gourmet administrators, the true changes concerning Portuguese products are occurring in the minds of the consumers.

“They have taken the road of greater demands and valorization of quality and excellence. Many people have stopped buying because of the price and started buying because of the quality. This fact will alter the product disqualification and devalorization spiral and initiate the virtuous cycle of requalification and recuperation of the flavors from our childhood.”

According to the same source, the search for low prices by large supermarkets diminished the quantity of producers and products. Fortunately, it is still possible to find partners in which innovation and quality are present, as well as the possibility to stimulate them to become even better.

Apply simple rules such as being honest, choosing quality, thinking about presentation, maintain an open fair trade policy with producers and, above all, hear consumers in order to better serve them, are some of this Portuguese company’s policies.

On the flip side, the Jose Gourmet client is Portuguese, demanding, well informed and nationalist, or maybe even foreign, uncomplicated and an appreciator of our immense quality.

Relatively to the international market, and seeing that this is a recent company, it is still in the phase of implementing its exportations. According to Pedro Casal Ribeiro, “we are fine tuning the packaging, label, production, certification and logistics. Our clients seek out our products because of differentiation, exclusivity and quality.”

Nonetheless, the Portuguese company is already present in countries such as Luxemburg and Czech Republic and is finalizing business deals in Brazil, Dubai, Ireland, Macau and Hong Kong.
Concerning Jose Gourmet’s contribution to Portugal’s image and cultural identity, Pedro Casal Ribeiro refers: “Since the beginning that we’ve used Take Away Portugal as the signature for our products and, contrary to popular belief, we believe that the name Portugal does sell. We believe that because we hear it from the many people who visit us and adore our food and our products. Portuguese restaurants around the world (unfortunately there are still few) are enjoyed not only by the ethnic market, but by locals as well.”

A national brand of gastronomical products, genuinely Portuguese!

For the preserves, they are totally concentrated on the differentiation in terms of packaging and plan to promote the requalification of its consumption, with the suggestion of recipes for cooking with children and gourmet recipes for adults. For the jams, they went a little further and, besides the packaging, they also bet on less known references such as lemon or red pepper jam.

According to the company’s administration, the Jose Gourmet brand is only visualizing the tip of the iceberg. It currently has two other brands “up its sleeve”: Jose Cafe and Jose Tapas.

“We plan to learn and apply these ideas to those businesses.10 years from now we can be a reference. We believe that Portugal is a country of opportunities.”
(Pedro Casal Ribeiro – Administrator)

For the future, Jose Gourmet reserves many surprises, for example, new preserves with 21st century technology that does not exist in the current market… They have many proposals and ideas for developing innovative products. However, they also believe that we shouldn’t chase innovation and that they have a reasonable range of products with the potential for multiplying its sales by a thousand. They ambition a balanced mix of these two vectors.

The quality of its products, the packaging and the offer of a wide range of options, make Jose Gourmet a brand of excellence in the national market.

Technical Information

Company: Jose Gourmet – Take Away Portugal
Address: Rua do Kuanza, lote 4.53.02ª, 1.º DTO, Parque das Nações 1990-614 Lisboa
Telephone: 918 994 369
Owners: Adriano Casal Ribeiro and Pedro Ribeiro
Employees: 3
Founded in: 2008