Ribeira do Porto Shaving Brush
Antiga Barbearia de Bairro
Antiga Barbearia de Bairro: Close your eyes and travel in time to old Portuguese neighborhoods!

Inspired by one of the most beautiful Portuguese landscapes, Antiga Barbearia de Bairro revisits yet another historical neighborhood, the Oporto Ribeira.

The Portuguese brand has now launched a new shaving brush with bristles and a wood handle that has been traditionally lacquered with enamel. A shaving brush that makes the shaving experience even more authentic and special.

The packaging is also particularly original: inspired by the boxes that hold the wine bottles that come out of the best Douro cellars, it is produced by the Portuguese company Camarc (leaders in the production of wood boxes for the wine and spirits industry), in wood, with the company’s name imprinted on it.

Handle: wood, traditionally lacquered enamel

Brush: badger imitation bristles, extra 75% tops

Packaging: wood box with sliding lid, inspired by wine bottle boxes

Using a bristle shaving brush

Before the first utilization:

Washing the bristles is recommended (by placing a bit of soap in the palm of hand, for example) in order to speed up the «worn in» aspect of the bristles and therefore increase their softness. The delicacy of bristle shaving brushes is noted after approximately 10 to 15 uses. If the brush is used every day, the bristles’ softness may be acquired earlier.


In order to get great use out of this shaving brush, it is important that:

  • It is well washed after each use;

  • It is stored in an airy place when it is not being used (avoid storing it in closed spaces);

  • The use of a support is recommended in order for the bristles to dry more conveniently.

Other observations

Some of the more experienced users appreciate shaving brushes with bristles because of their natural rigidness, which allows a better «scraping» of the shaving soaps, which permits that the bristles are heavily coated in soap which, in turn, makes enough foam for 3 or more applications.

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro invites you to travel in time and revisit the typical Portuguese neighborhoods with Portuguese pavement streets and small local shops filled with people and animation, where, with the help of soap and a brush, beards were shaven with a shaving knife.

Old habits are back in style

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro is the first brand launched by the Portuguese company 100ml. Luí­s Pereira and Catarina Fragata are the Portuguese company's creators and administrators. The design component is the responsibility of the Portuguese graphic designer Rui Melo.

Those responsible for this project want the shaving ritual, which has been a bit abandoned over the years, to be reborn and the traditional shaving brush highlighted once again.

The Antiga Barbearia de Bairro (ABB) has very clear DNA: it doesn't want the old barber shop habits to be lost and, at the same time, wants to infuse them with the design of typical Portuguese neighborhoods. According to this company, Portuguese culture is the motor of creation behind the entire creative process of its products.

100ml is a young company that was born with the intent of managing and creating Portuguese brands in the perfume and home fragrance sector. Besides Antiga Barbearia de Bairro, 100ml is a Castelbel agent in Portugal and detains the perfume and soap license for Amor Perfeito, a line by the Portuguese fashion designer José António Tenente.

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro was born from 100ml's desire to create a brand targeted at the male audience. The passion for old barber shops and their social involvement with typical neighborhoods, helped the Portuguese company define the brand's concept.

In Portugal, barber shops are an intricate part of the history of many cities and the perfect place for social gathering. Today, many neighborhoods still keep that tradition alive, in terms of experience and process, in areas where the culture of communication remains: the conversations and exchange of greetings that are so typical of Portuguese culture and of which we are so proud.

This is the spirit that Antiga Barbearia de Bairro wants to relive and perpetuate because, happily, there are still a lot of those olden days left in today: the typical neighborhoods, the small, local commerce and the Portuguese pavement that covers the streets, filled with people and animation.

Who doesn't remember the neighborhood barber shops, where getting a shave meant using a shaving knife, cream and brush and where conversations happened naturally and without rushing, to the crackling sound of the radio... the neighborhoods where gentlemen in hats dressed their very best before stepping out...

The clients of the Portuguese brand Antiga Barbearia de Bairro are all men who enjoy using soap and a shaving brush, as well as hand and bath soaps. This brand name can be found in Portuguese design stores, where they are seen as an object of design and a souvenir from our country.

Currently, it is available in about 100 shops in Portugal, namely: Serralves (Oporto), Museu Berardo (Lisbon), À Antiga Portuguesa (Cascais), Alma Lusa (Lisbon), Jimmy Style Shop (Lisbon), as well as other prestigious spaces, such as the Loja das Meias in Amoreiras, El Corte Ingles (Lisbon), Hotel Infante Sagres (Oporto) and Palácio da Pena (Sintra).

The Portuguese brand plans to enter the international market and is currently establishing the first contacts with various companies.

Shaving Brush and Soap

The shaving brush and soap are this Portuguese brand's icons. The shaving brush because of its strong connection to the image of the old barber shops, is a brush with badger bristles and a natural oak wood handle, produced by the Portuguese company Semogue. The shaving soap was created by the Portuguese company Castelbel and is currently the only existing Portuguese shaving soap. 

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro is a project with a strong cultural identity: its products are authentic and no detail was neglected. In the Prí­ncipe Real soap collection, you'll find on the packaging interpretations of details found on the buildings of the Prí­ncipe Real neighborhood itself.

Coming soon is the launch of the second neighborhood, this time the Ribeira, in Oporto, as well as some new products that will be a part of this edition.

Don't miss it, in a neighborhood close to you!

Technical Information

Company: 100ml, Perfumaria Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.
Address: Rua Henrique Lopes Mendonça n.º 3, 3º D 1100 Lisboa
Telephone: 911 005 100
Owners: Luí­s Pereira and Catarina Fragata
Founded in: 2008
Site: www.100ml.pt