Seven Skirts
Piurra Furnituring: design and productive capacity

The Seven Skirts collection by the Portuguese brand Piurra is a collection full of charm and glamour, wrapped in symbolism and memories.

The Seven Skirts are part of the tradition, the myth and the legends of this Portuguese land so intimately connected to the sea. The people say it represents the seven virtues; the seven days of the week; the seven colors of the rainbow; the seven waves of the ocean; among other biblical, mythical and magical features that are associated to the number seven.

Multifunctional and stackable piece of furniture with double access
Material: pine plywood
Measurements (cm): W180 H60 D40
Available in various colors

The Portuguese brand Piurra Furnituring was born through the hands of the designer Rui Viana after various experiences in the world of architecture and design.

How did it all start? Rui Viana met someone who shared his passion: create a furniture brand. It was a meeting between a designer and a businessman linked to the carpentry industry, both of which had a desire to innovate. The main ingredients to launch the project had been found: the design and productive capacity of a young and dynamic company in the carpentry sector.

Piurra is like a top, a toy that spins, heading off in different directions...

Piurra is the name of a toy, a sort of spinning top, a toy that Rui Viana's grandfather, a carpenter/woodcarver, made for his grandchildren to play with. The designer quickly discovered that it made perfect sense that the Portuguese brand Piurra be like a top, so that it could spin freely between materials, forms and styles. Piurra is like winding up the top and launching it again in order to experience new paths...

In terms of mission, Piurra defines itself as a sincere, transparent and fun brand. Stripped of excesses and non-essential extras.
Piurra reinterprets images and forms acquired by people during their lifetime and that have been asleep in their memory. Above all, it has fun with all of it.

Rui Viana designs all of Piurra's pieces. Right now, the brand is targeted at all ages, seeing as the possibility of altering materials and finishes allows the Portuguese brand to reach a growing variety of people.

The fact that Piurra's furniture is only produced by customer order and is not mass produced, makes this furniture special and exclusive.

The creation of Piurra furniture has its foundations on the concepts that have been developed on the basis of the experiences of demanding, innovating and non-conformed people. Each project is approached uniquely, where the personal contact with clients is top priority, so as to be able to respond to each one's necessities in the most efficient way possible.

Piurra Furnituring is the starting point for something that is, without a doubt, undefined.

Technical Information

Company: Piurra, Furnituring
Address: CCB, Centro Comercial Bombarda, loja 26 Rua Miguel Bombarda, n.º 285 4050-397 Porto
Telephone: 222 016 012
Owners: Rui Viana
Founded in: 2007