Stanley: Floor Lamp

Stanley is an elegant floor lamp by the Portuguese brand Delightfull.

Discrete but with personality, the company’s most recent creation was inspired by the best sellers Simone and Sinatra, exclusive pieces also by this brand.

Lacquer color: Black, gold, red

Width: 51,18”, 130cm
Height: 70,86”, 180cm
Depth: 39,37”, 100cm

Delightfull was born after the identification of a market opportunity for lighting design with higher quality than the average pieces existent in Portugal. The Portuguese brand's philosophy focuses on the valorization of experience and knowledge in the art of working with metal, together with the passion for design and the desire to innovate and offer the national and international markets the best solutions.

Above all, Delightfull wants to be a recognized brand in its country of origin and outside of it, not only because of its Heritage collection, which revitalized many of the lighting classics, but also because of its own collection and personalized solutions.

Originality in Portuguese lighting

Delightfull has two designers focused on this project: Paulo Figueiredo and Diogo Oliveira. Just like Boca do Lobo, Amândio Pereira assumes coordination, with the same rigor and obsession for excellence.

The Delightfull clients are architecture and interior design offices distributed throughout Europe, especially in countries like England, Greece, France and Spain, seeing as these are countries with greater proximity - not only geographical, but also in terms of tastes and cultures. This Portuguese brand's ambition is to strengthen its presence in European countries and then (in response to some demand), enter the markets outside of Europe.

This public seeks functional lighting solutions with design that are capable of adding an extra special touch to their projects.

The Portuguese brand is sought out by design and vintage lovers, who have a special taste for a remarkable era and for the design from that same era. These people are passionate about architecture, design, arts, music, jazz and soul. They love to spend time at home, entertaining friends and organizing small get togethers.

Delightfull is positioned in the international market as a brand that can bring back the most iconic lighting pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s. A brand that redesigns mythical pieces, but also creates its own. Besides its Heritage collection, the brand is able to create solutions for both small and large projects. Delightfull is the architects and interior designers' best friend, especially those that want to create, through lighting, comforting environments, but with a strong presence and soul.

Delightfull's philosophy is based on the fact that they want to be present in the market as a global brand and, following through with that, every effort the brand makes is with its eyes set on the external market. They plan to solidify their presence in England, France and Spain and then try to solidly make their way into other European countries, with the future goal, as soon as they have greater capacity, of advancing towards other continents.

Just as with Boca do Lobo, Delightfull could be no different, seeing as the mission of the Menina Design Group is to elevate Portuguese design to a global scale, which means that Delightfull never hides its nationality when it is abroad. The brand contributes to the competitiveness and exportation of national products, as well as promoting the existence of Portuguese techniques and know-how in the metallurgical industry. All the use of age old knowledge, mixed with highly contemporary design, shows the world Portugal's great capacity.

Menina Design Group

It all began with Menina Design Interiors, created in 2003 with the purpose of offering a flexible and personalized service, oriented by concept, defined by a business strategy and image. They quickly realized that it would be with the development of products such as Boca do Lobo (2005) and Delightfull (2007) that they would conquer the world. In 2005, they also created Preggo, a brand within the company that is responsible for prototypes and production.
With these brand name products, they reached excellent positioning in the international market in a very short time period.

But, the ambition to obtain an even better position, led them to create PortugalBrands, a brand that brings together a series of services and that was born to strengthen and add notoriety to the existing Portuguese brands. was born to revolutionize the luxury culture in Portugal. With their blog, they aim to create moments where luxury can be understood as a culture and a ritual.

Design Gallerist is an exclusive commercial website for unique and completely irresistible products.

Lastly, the Fundação do Design (Design Foundation), the Menina Design Group's most recent project and according to Amândio Pereira, the company's CEO, the highlight of his career.

Menina Design Group is the holding of an ambitious project positioned to elevate Portuguese design in the world.

Menina Design Interiores, Preggo, Boca do Lobo, Delightfull, PortugalBrands,, Design Gallerist and Fundação do Design, are the group's ambitious projects and what makes Menina Design a company that lives at a dazzling rhythm and that once experienced is very hard to forget.

Technical Information

Company: Delightfull
Address: Travessa Marques de Sá, n.º 68 Rio Tinto 4435-324
Telephone: 917 970 713
Owners: Amândio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhães
Founded in: 2007