Design Entre Aspas

The TicToc set by the Portuguese brand Design Entre Aspas initially started out as the concept for a chest of drawers for the bedroom. This piece tries to answer the needs of not only children, but also of adults, in order to demonstrate the versatility and experimental side of furniture.

Here, furniture is no longer attached to typical typologies (chest of drawers, bedside table, shirt drawers, closet) and TicToc is no longer a simple «chest of drawers», seeing as it is constantly adaptable to new and diverse forms and functions. The piece no longer has the function of furniture, but becomes a toy. The user uses and takes hold of the object as if it were a game.

The piece is made up of various modules that are a repetition of two forms: square and rectangle, tic and toc respectively.

Each module is composed by a drawer, a door or an open box, which creates a game for different types of organization and storage (private and public), enabling various configurations, completely personalized. Both the drawers and the doors can be smooth or covered with small saliencies, where the user may later build various constructions with Lego type pieces and confer different forms and colors to his furniture. The materials used are wood and lacquers, and this last one is directly associated to the traditional appearance of Lego pieces.

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 30 cm
Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 30 cm

The Design Entre Aspas (DEA) atelier was born after the participation in an artistic event in the village of Óbidos in the year 2009 - Junho das Artes (June Arts), which served as inspiration for the creation of the atelier's first  piece and the subsequent realization of various projects.

The Portuguese  brand's philosophy is based on the creation of spaces and pieces that pay homage to their recreational component and to childhood memories. The brand's pieces have the capacity to create imaginaries and transport observers to seductive worlds, without ever compromising function, but always promoting the objects' emotional dimension.

The Design Entre Aspas group, constituted by the designers Joana Carvalho, Mafalda Santos, Mariana Araújo and Sónia Silva (graduates in Interior and Equipment Design by the Arts and Design Superior School in Matosinhos) was launched in May 2009.

This is a young, dynamic and creative group that proposes the creation of pieces that provoke reactions - surprise, awkwardness, shock or nostalgia - in their observers/users and that unleash emotions and sentiments without ever forgetting design's main goal: unite function and aesthetic.

Design Entre Aspas also offers  other services  furniture and lighting design, interior design and decorating, window displays, training, consulting and 3D projects.

All the DEA pieces are designed by the group of four designers: three product designers (Joana Carvalho, Mafalda Santos, Mariana Araújo) and one interior designer (Sónia Silva).

The DEA client is, without a doubt, an appreciator of art and design, even if they are not professionally linked to the sector. A client with a strong and cheerful personality, with economic resources and that expects to find over the top, unforgettable pieces.

A contemporary brand that tells traditional stories

 Design Entre Aspas is a contemporary brand that commits itself to quality and project dynamism. Although it has not yet entered the international market, the brand's expansion counts on exporting to different continents. The DEA brand is betting on a market segment that is characterized by its financial resources, that supports the development of the arts, cooperates with culture and is socially active.

Internationally wise, it plans to simultaneously explore the European, African, American and Asian markets.

The Portuguese brand  creates pieces that  tell traditional stories, which appeal to childhood memories as it relates not only to the Portuguese cultural identity, but other audiences as well. The brand invokes a certain nostalgia and longing for the past, which is very   characteristic of Portugal and the Portuguese people. Its theme, on the other hand, is global, which permits total comprehension of all pieces by different publics.

The company plans to enhance the image of design in Portugal and value the execution and finishing quality that comes from the Portuguese industry.

Within Design Entre Aspas' premium products are the Suí­ço line, comprised of a coffee table and sideboard; as well as the TicToc collection. Two cheerful projects with a recreational component that appeal to childhood memories and even cartoons.

Coming soon are the launch of new pieces and the internationalization of the Portuguese brand, so that the best of Portuguese design may also make it  outside our borders.

Here is the promise that the Portuguese brand will continue to contribute with high quality Portuguese design. 

We'll be waiting for more news!

Technical Information

Company: DEA - Design Entre Aspas
Telephone: 914 522 869
Owners: Joana Carvalho, Mafalda Santos, Mariana Araújo and Sónia Silva
Founded in: Maio de 2009
Site: www.designentreaspas.blogspot.com